FRESH BRAND Website Tune Ups Minimize the visitor frustrations that can erode trust by performing these regular FRESH BRAND website …

FRESH BRAND Website Tune Ups

Minimize the visitor frustrations that can erode trust by performing these regular FRESH BRAND website tune ups.

Does your website need a tune up? If you still have a copyright from 2017 or a decades-old headshot, you may be driving away valuable customers.

Building a robust brand doesn’t stop after you create your amazing website. Your site also requires ongoing love, care and maintenance so it continues to be a resource for people looking for solutions to their problems.

Misaligned elements, broken links, and yes, even your outdated copyright, can cause confusion and erode the trust you’ve worked so hard to build. Poorly updated websites might even cause customers to question your dedication to professionalism and detail.

Fortunately, updating your website does not *necessarily* require a full website redesign.

the FRESH BRAND Approach

To help you to stay relevant, here is our FRESH BRAND approach. This roadmap will help you build a schedule of when to dive into much-needed website updates and tweaks.

F – Fonts and Colors

Humans are visual beings. We WILL notice if you use several different fonts in the same document. We’ll probably also assume (sometimes rightly so) the second font is a result of text you copied and pasted from an outside source. Then we might wonder if plagiarism is at play. Don’t give your audience the slightest opportunity to question whether you are using someone else’s work. Regularly evaluate your website and key marketing and outreach materials to ensure you are using one consistent brand font and color throughout.

📅 Timeline 📅: Evaluate key documents for font and color consistency on a quarterly basis; do a full visual identity check-in every year.

💡Idea💡: Create brand guidelines to define a consistent set of fonts and colors for your brand.

R – Reviews and Testimonials

Social proof is power. Your authority is significantly amplified when someone else does the telling. If you aren’t already featuring testimonials from happy customers on your site, do it. Do it now. Then review your website regularly to add new testimonials and also to determine if old ones are still relevant.

📅 Timeline 📅: Ask for and post new testimonials on a quarterly basis; confirm all previously posted testimonials are still current on a yearly basis.

E – Email Signatures

What’s the easiest and cheapest form of marketing? That’s right, your email signature. But you have to keep it fresh. No one wants to hear about a holiday shopping offer in April.

📅 Timeline 📅: Check your email signature on a monthly basis; also remember to update Out of Office messages regularly.

S – Social Media Profiles

You have profiles on all major social media sites, right? You don’t have to be active on all sites, but getting found on Google in so much easier when social media sites are sending all that coveted link juice back to your website. Get your profiles written and posted and don’t forget the backlinks. Then remember to keep your profiles current.

📅 Timeline 📅: Check your social media and website “about us” profiles every three months.

H – Headshots (Profile Pictures)

Are you still using a headshot from 2017? We get it Who doesn’t feel nostalgic for their younger self? But using images from a previous decade may erode trust and cause your audience to think you’re trying to pull a “fast-one.” Embrace the fabulous you are today because all that extra experience is far more glamorous than another wrinkle or two.

📅 Timeline 📅: Update every 2 years.

🥱Cliche Alert🥱: People do business with people. If you’re not already using a head shot – get one.

B – Broken Links Check

Way back in 2013, “404” gained global attention when the digit was listed a “word of the year.” This code, universally synonymous for FAILURE TO DELIVER, isn’t going anywhere soon. People will continue to post content and then forget to update that content when links break. Broken links are bad because they can erode trust and they are truly yucky for SEO. Get in the habit of updating these little red flags, so visitors and Google can navigate your site without frustration.

📅 Timeline 📅: Check for broken links every 6 months.

🔍Resource 🔍: There are any number of free tools that can help you check for broken links. I use Ahrefs Broken Link Checker, because I love their simple intervace.

R – Registration & Copyright Notices

Why do websites still have copyrights circa 2020 or even earlier? What is that all about? Sure, a webmaster may forget to update their copyright in early January. But after five years? Ten? At a certain point, your sad, neglected copyright tells people, “Sorry, I just don’t care.” And no one wants to work with someone who doesn’t care.

📅 Timeline 📅: Update your copyright every January; check and renew your intellectual property and trademarks every two years.

💡Idea💡: Take one thing off your list altogether and add a Year or Current Year short code to your footer so you don’t ever have to update this again.

A – About Us Page

Phew things are changing so rapidly. Yesterday your mom was your only newsletter subscriber. Today, you’ve netted a fabuloso podcast deal. Your About Us page is always going to be a Work in Progress. But let’s make sure it’s a fairly updated Work in Progress. Thanking mom for her support is less cute if you forget to include a link to that featured article with Business Insider.

📅 Timeline 📅: Check your About Us page every six months; also make sure your key landing pages and your headers and footers link back to your About Us page.

N- Newsletter Sign Ups and Info

It should go without saying that your best marketing strategy is collecting contact data from customers and potential client. Make it easy for them to give you their info. A newsletter sign up form is a super efficient way to collect this info which in turn makes it super easy for you to stay in touch with those customers.

📅 Timeline 📅: Check your newsletter sign up page content and links on a quarterly basis.

🔍Resource 🔍: There are a lot of great newsletter services out there. I love (and I mean love, love) ConvertKit which has lots of free tools to turn you into a newsletter superstar.

D – Descriptions (Product or Service)

What do you do? Everyone, from your neighbor to the mailman to the people you meet at your local Chamber of Commerce, has probably asked you that question. Like a million times. So, please, have a great answer ready. You KNOW they’re going to ask. So (channeling my best Boy Scouts leader voice here) BE PREPARED. Then put that answer online and make sure you update it on the regular.

📅 Timeline 📅: Update your business profile and the core product and service descriptions every six months.


Perform regular tune ups using the FRESH BRAND approach, so you brand presence remains relevant with your audience.

F – Fonts and Colors
R – Reviews and Testimonials
E – Email Signatures
S – Social Media Profiles
H – Headshots (Profile Pictures)

B – Broken Links Check
R – Registration & Copyright Notices
A – About Us Page
N– Newsletter Sign Ups and Info
D – Descriptions (Product or Service)

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