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Hi there! I’m Monica and I help service industry professionals transform into brilliant brands.

Follow me for tips and tricks on igniting your ❤️superpower❤️ — that secret sauce that compels people to notice, remember and engage with you.

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The Big Book of REAL Brand Guidelines

Check out the REAL brand guidelines of more than 100 hospitality businesses, non-profits, colleges & universities, and more.

Build an Audience Value Matrix

How to Build an Audience Value Matrix

Learn now to segment your audience so you can deliver the RIGHT message to the right audience.

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The Only Marketing Plan You’ll Ever Need

The Only Marketing Plan You’ll Ever Need includes actionable marketing steps for every stage of your business journey and its completely FREE.

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Tune Up Your Website with the FRESH BRAND Roadmap

The FRESH BRAND roadmap will help you build a schedule of when to dive into much-need website updates.

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Map to Success

Map to Success

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How to Introduce Yourself

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Why Is It So Hard to Promote Ourselves?

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Living in the Land of Confusion

People don’t always think my services might be for them. They’ll often say something like, “I’m not sure I’m your target demographic. I’m not really that brilliant.”
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Sue Berrie

BLU IV Wellness

Monica, I can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance. As someone who was initially worried I might be too mature to enter the world of entrepreneurship, I can’t believe how you boosted my confidence and helped me create a plan designed specifically for my career goals. Working with you was a game-changer.

E. Finn

RES Civil

Monica was great. She was flexible, understanding and very knowledgeable. Use her for all your marketing needs!”

B. Huberman


I am not a writer. Monica was able to listen to me. I verbally described my ideas to her, she has great communication skills and was able to help with the ambiguity at the beginning of the project. She anticipated what I needed and was always one step ahead.”