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Content License

I’m passionate about making branding accessible to everyone, particularly the small businesses who often perceive it to be a prohibitively expensive strategy. My intent is to provide content and solutions that help entrepreneurs level the playing field.

So if you’d like to share this content, I’m delighted.

Content Licensing Policy: The Details

Feel free to use this content however you like – share it, quote it, tweak it, use it in your own projects.

There is no need to pay a dime.

Here Are My Stipulations

  1. Give Credit Where It’s Due: When you use the content, just give a shoutout to me, Monica Poling, and include a link back to the original article source. I deeply appreciate the thank you.
  2. License Limits: This free licensing policy ONLY APPLIES TO FREE CONTENT ON MY WEBSITE. But contact me if you’d like to partner on my paid or downloadable materials.
  3. Respect My Brand: I’m all about the brand, right? So, please don’t claim this content as your own or pretend you and I are BFFs without letting me know first. (I’m pretty easy to like, maybe we WILL become BFFs after all.) And of course, don’t do anything shady or illegal with the content.
  4. Get Creative: Do you want to tweak the content or make it something new? Go for it! I love it when producers get creative. Just make sure whatever you create is also shared under these same licensing terms. (If you make significant changes, feel free to add your credit to the terms, just please don’t remove my info.)
  5. No Guarantees: This content comes as-is. I’m not making any promises about it being perfect or working for every business in every situation. So, use it wisely, and check your facts.
  6. Follow the Law: This agreement follows the laws of the State of New Mexico. If there’s a problem, let me know.
  7. We Can Call It Quits: If you’re not playing by the rules, we might have to cut ties. Fair warning.

And remember, if you’re feeling generous and want to spread the word about the content, we’d be thrilled! Give us a heads-up if you share it or tag us on social media, and we’ll make sure to give you a shoutout in return.

It’s like a little high-five between branding and marketing pros. I love high fives. Its one of my things. So, go ahead, spread the love, and let’s help small businesses get the tools they need.

Speaking of Gratitude

Props to Universe Today, a darn great site to follow for space and astronomy news, and the inspiration for my own content licensing policy.

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Creating a strong brand framework is a critical step for entrepreneurs looking to build a rock solid business identity. While brand strategy is often considered a tool that only larger organizations use, following a brand strategy can help all businesses–including solopreneurs, artists, non-profits, and even community leaders. In short, the brand framework helps define what you do and how the marketplace should perceive you and share your message.