Brand Report Card

Brand Report Card

Has Your Marketing Lost its Focus?

It is not uncommon for businesses to lose focus as they grow. When left unchecked, this growth can lead to inconsistent messaging, especially as businesses take on new clients or offer new services.

Critically, lack of consistency can lead to lack of trust among customers, as well as missed opportunities.

Whether you’re a start up or a long-standing pillar of the community, it is good business practice to have a seasoned third-party expert review your brand and marketing efforts for consistency and clarity.

Do You Need a Brand Report Card?

If your marketing efforts are not delivering their intended results, I can help. I specialize in brand messaging and my popular Brand Report Card service includes suggestions on how to strategically upgrade and align your messaging for maximum impact.

Why? Inconsistent messaging can lead to a lack of trust and even a potential loss of business among clients and potential clients. Even something as simple as an outdated website copyright date could have a detrimental effect, leaving clients wondering about your commitment to excellence, or even worse, wondering if you are still in business.

Brand Report Card

I start by clarifying your overall brand strategy. In other words, what do you stand for and how do you stand out? (If you haven’t already taken this step, we can work with you to help define your brand pillars.)

Our final report includes insights and actionable tactics on how to update and align your marketing efforts for maximum impact. In your final Brand Report Card, we evaluate the following elements:

  • Brand Clarity: Is it clear what you do, what products and services you offer, and what results you deliver?
  • Brand Audience: Does your brand clearly identify and speak to your preferred audience?
  • Brand Authority: Does your brand clearly position you as a leader in your field?
  • Brand Identity: Are your brand’s visual elements–logo, brand colors, fonts–consistent and do they align with your overall brand strategy.
  • Website & Brand Content: Does your marketing, web content and brand narrative correctly reflect your brand strategy?

Final Brand Report Card

Your final Brand Report Card evaluates all the above elements, and helps you identify the weak spots that may be confusing to your audience.


  • $299 (Report Only)
  • $599 (Report With Strategy Planning Session)

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Brand Report Card

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If your marketing efforts aren’t delivering their anticipated results, I will review your content and provide feedback on how to tweak your messaging so it best showcases your strengths.

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Highlight successes over services

Does your content paint a vivid picture of success? I’ll work with you to identify your unique strengths, and then build a custom content plan for your core web pages.

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Creating a strong brand framework is a critical step for entrepreneurs looking to build a rock solid business identity. While brand strategy is often considered a tool that only larger organizations use, following a brand strategy can help all businesses–including solopreneurs, artists, non-profits, and even community leaders. In short, the brand framework helps define what you do and how the marketplace should perceive you and share your message.