Why Does it Matter?

Your work is important. So if you’re struggling to write your bio, start with these magic words…Why does it matter?

Why Does it Matter?

Your work is important. So if you’re struggling to write your bio, start with these magic words…Why does it matter?

There are many pieces of advice on how to craft a great profile or bio. And so much of that advice is much-needed advice. Because so many business pros STILL prefer to remain anonymous, especially on social media sites like LinkedIn.

Hey, if you’re a lifer, and you’re okay with working at that same job you’ve had for the last 20 years., that’s amazing. Congrats on that gold watch. And you’re right, you probably don’t need a professional bio.

For the rest of us, well, it’s a critical that we sell ourselves and our skills. If we own a businesses or perform high-level sales, which in many cases are the same thing, self-promotion is JOB #1.

If you fall in either category, there is NO reason to have a blank bio or profile. None. A strong bio can help you build connections and open doors. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook make it easy to get the word out. While posting bios on these sites isn’t the only part of your outreach strategy, it MUST be ONE part of it.

So what’s keeping you from writing that amazing, all-important bio? For some, crafting a bio is terrifying. Where to start, and all that. Blank page syndrome kills.

But, if you’ve put off writing the great American bio, remember your work matters. So here are four words to get you started.

Why does it matter?

Why Does it Matter?

What you do matters. So start your profile by considering these four magic words. Why does it matter?

How does your work make others’ lives better.

When you start your bio by explaining the significance of your work, you’ll help yourself make better connections and a bigger impact. Starting with your why is good, but to really amp things up, focus on your audience and THEIR why.

Maybe your work as an environmental engineering is helping build a healthier planet. That matters. Maybe you’re a tourism pro that helps build stronger communities by bringing in visitor dollars. That matters.

Yes, you can and should include your title, your services and skills in your bio. But when you talk about how your work is making the world a a better place, you start to build a narrative and a bio that resonates.

How Are You Changing the World?

Pay attention to the significance of of your work. If you’re a marketer, “I do marketing and Facebook ads,” is fine. A little boring, but fine. But if you help the auto industry spread the word about their innovative electric vehicle solutions, that is making an impact. And that certainly makes a much more interesting bio.

Your Customers Want to be Transformed

Your customers want transformation. They want to be better. Richer. Have more time. Better health. How do help them accomplish their transformational goals? Highlight the value you bring for others and your bio becomes a relatable talking point.

Plus, if you hate talking about yourself, talking about what matters to others removes the pressure of having to find way to “Brag Without Bragging.”

Bonus Tip: Write in the First Person

Generally, I hate to use cliches to make my point, but here’s the exception. People do business with people.

Don’t write about yourself as if some imaginary God-like being is narrating your life. “Monica is a powerhouse…” Third person is so last decade.

Your bio is about you. As you see yourself. If you say something matters, let’s make the leap and assume it matters to you. So say it.

By all means, if you want to quote others in your bio, you should do so. But make it obvious that’s a quote.

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